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Over the past few days, WhatsApp started rolling out notifications to users, informing them that they have been granted lifetime access to WhatsApp forever. No more charges.

Now every platform gets to enjoy the service for free. No more need to worry about expiration. This, according to WhatsApp, is a courtesy they are offering users of their app.
Sometime past, iOS users had to pay for the app before they could use it. Later on, the said users were allowed to use the service for free on some iPhones.

But now, it’s been made official. All platforms get to enjoy it for a lifetime.
This may be seen as a move by WhatsApp to keep their customers. Or as a friend put it: “they’re making us aware that they’re aware”.

Interestingly, not all users have received this notification. But it’s likely that they should by the end of the week.
For some people however, there is no difference. Reason being that we have always used the app for “free” since day one, even though there was a constant reminder of an expiry date in the Account section.



Interestingly, the lifetime access was revoked after just a few minutes of receiving the notification. Several people has the same experience. After some hours though the lifetime service was granted again.



Have you received your lifetime access yet? Let us hear in the comment section below. Share this friends who may not know about this already.



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