WhatsApp launches video calling for beta users

WhatsApp launches video calling for beta users 300 300 GeniusTech Hub Ltd

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WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp Video Call


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While the feature can be seen on the call tab option, the feature is yet to be fully operational. WhatsApp has presently opened up the lines for video calling, albeit on the beta users’ smartphones. However, the feature seems to be in testing mode at present as beta users are also seeing the feature being switched on, and off, frequently. Similar to when voice calling was enabled, video calling can be seen enabled when the servers on the WhatsApp end are working for the test phase.



Whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp is certainly one of the buzzwords in the instant messaging domain; the Facebook-owned app has been creating massive ripples by introducing all new features for its one-billion+ user base.

After months of being in news, video calling finally comes to WhatsApp. You can now video call your friends and relatives with WhatsApp;s new beta version No.2.16.80. However, since it is beta and available to only testers we are showing how you can get the APK ahead of everybody else.

You can download the beta version of WhatsApp video calling APK file from here. The beta version has the video calling feature live on it, but it isn’t functional just yet. The app is available to beta testers from Google Play’s beta testing program but you would be among the first ones to get it once WhatsApp decides to implement it.

While the video calling mode can be seen after tapping the ‘call’ button, the final working feature is yet to be fully operational for all users. We expect the feature to be rolled out very soon. WhatsApp did the same when the voice calling option was enabled for beta testers. The video calling feature is presently in test mode, where WhatsApp developers are constantly testing with beta users for optimising the data usage over the internet. They want to make sure that the video and voice over the internet data are smooth and there is no lag or drops, apart from compressing and encrypting the data.

WhatsApp free calling became an instant favourite as soon among the users, helping them reduce costs while making calls over long distances. It was one of the first platforms which offered internet-based calling to such a large user-base.

Building up from the success of its recent endeavours such as the controversial encryption feature, formatting options, and desktop app, users can expect this feature to be usually good and effective.

Let’s hear in the comments below if it’s working for you. Cheers!!



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