The “Steve Jobs” Phenomenon – Break from it

The “Steve Jobs” Phenomenon – Break from it 800 400 GeniusTech Hub Ltd

So yes. You want to start your own company. Trust me, it’s the best decision you could ever make for your life. I mean, imagine working for yourself! No more bosses, no more being ordered around – you get the drill.

It’s awesome in every way. But it does come with its own perks – some good, some not so good. I won’t use the word “bad” here. You either win or learn. No one loses in life, it’s just a miscalculated step you took; and you should by all means learn from it.

Ok enough of the rumbling. I’m guessing by now you are wondering why this strange topic for an article meant to boost your moral in your quest to building the next big thing. Well, I’ll just get straight into it. I’m not even going to mention who Steve Jobs is. If you don’t know this famous tech guru, you probably shouldn’t be reading this in the firs place. But I’ll spare the first-timers. Read about him here: 🙂

Back to what we were saying. Now that you know who Steve Jobs is, it’s safe to say we can continue. If you know a little about Steve, or generally, you’ll know that he’s the famous Apple founder who didn’t know a single lone of code, and yet built what is now the biggest name in the tech industry: Apple Inc.

So here’s is/are the points I want to make, for new entrepreneurs: that era is long over. The era where one gets a big idea and expects others to build it for him (I’m not saying Steve didn’t do any of the work). But at least that’s how it’s perceived. Steve Wozniak can attest to this.

If you come up with a great idea, here’s what you should be prepared to do:

Acquire the necessary skills to get it going in the first place:

If you want to build and sell house as a business, learn how construction works; If you want to sell cars, learn how to drive and to maintain a car; If you want to build the Facebook of our time, by all means, learn to code. Hope you are getting what I’m driving at? You may argue that you can hire people to do all that for you. But believe me, you as the originator of the idea, have to know more about it, if not more than half of it, than anyone else. Then as you pick up pace, you can hire people and build a team to scale it up.

Don’t go in clueless

Imagine you want to build an AI company (OK Google), and you have no idea what AI even means. Are we on the same page now? Read, read and read again!! Gather as much information as you can about that particular niche. Don’t go on half blinded. Go in all-eyes-open. You can’t afford the risk of ignorance. It’s very costly.

Take someone like Elun Musk for example (my mentor by the way). He loves engineering, rockets and electric cars. He took time to read all he could in all these areas. Sure he could have hired people from the start, but he chose the smart way. Be in the know before bringing on more people who have same knowledge or even more than you. Now see where he’s at. Recently Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated on social media the personal assistant Jarvis he’s been working on for a while. The dude is worth over $50 billion (at the time of this writing). You would think he could just sit back and watch the cash rolling, but no. He’s still programming. Video below:


Keep reading, learning and practicing. Hone those skills

This point kind of adds to last one. One thing you should always remember is that knowledge is progressive; the things we know today will become obsolete in the next 5 years or more.

So what do you do? Keep up with current trends. 5 years ago, it was ok to build a website using just HTML, CSS and some javascript. These are still required but you have to make sure that website is responsive – fits all screen sizes. Also, you can simply decide to use any CMS to accomplish the same task. In fact it is even easier and faster to use a CMS (Content Management System). Popular ones include: Typo3, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, just to name a few. As technology progresses, it become easier for everyone to learn – at least that’s what I’ve seen in my experience.

So what is the Steve Jobs Phenomenon?

This is simply the situation (call it what you want though) where a young aspiring entrepreneur decides to take this path of self-employment, and thinks that he can hire people to build the idea for him, without him touching anything.

Mind you, Steve Jobs had some serious background in design. No wonder we all love Apple designs (admit it). Apple actually published a book this year that highlights all their product designs since day one. You can have a look at it here: it’s called Designed by Apple.

So you see, Steve did know something. he just got Wozniak on board to bring it to life. I may be wrong, but that’s the general perception of some young entrepreneurs – thinking they can act as the thinkers, and have others as the builders. Well, that’s not a smart. You should read on what happened between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (another mentor).

I’ll leave that last part for you to research on. Maybe sound it off in the comments section. Oh in case you didn’t get the whole phenomenon thing, let’s discuss it in the comments section below. I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurship journey. :):):)





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