How To Root An Android Phone in Less Than Five Minutes

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Yes. You just need your android phone and an internet connection. This is how to root most android phones, the easy way.

Android is a widely used mobile operating system, running on more than half of all smartphones currently on the market. Due to the open source nature of the operating system, developers tend to develop more apps for it than other brands.

But most of these apps require root access to function. Rooting simply means giving your smartphone deep level access to the operating system. It has it’s “good” and “bad” sides. The good side outweighs the bad side (in my opinion). For instance you have to have root access in order to be able to use the he powerful Titanium app. This app allows for you to backup and restore your apps, messages and a whole lot. It even allows you to remove unwanted apps that come bundled with your device.

But to get all these goodies, your phone needs to be rooted.


Ok enough talk already. Follow the simple steps below to get your phone rooted in under five minutes.

  1. Open your phone browser and go to this site (
  2. Tap/click on the Lamba sign to download the app (rooting app)
    Towel Root App

    Towel Root App

  3. Install app, then open it after installation. Tap on the Make it Ra1n button and wait for it to do its thing.
  4. You should get a success notice, that’s it. You’re rooted!
  5. Now head over to the Google Play Store and download these two apps: Super SU and Root Checker app.
  6. Super SU will handle any app that request for root access. The Root Checker will verify if the phone is properly rooted.



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