How to Record Live Radio on Android

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Internet radio has become a common thing now. As technology increases, we’ll certainly see more of this on the rise. Now you don’t necessarily need a device with inbuilt radio in order to listen to live radio.
More apps are now available that can take care of that. The most common one among these is the TuneIn Radio App.
This app let’s you listen to radio and stream online music for free. All you need is an internet connection on your phone. Just enjoy live streaming radio and music for free.
So what if you wanted to record your favourite radio program and listen to it later? What if you wanted to schedule auto recording of this program? TuneIn Radio Pro makes all this possible.

There are two versions of this app: the normal TuneIn App and the Pro version. The pro version allows to do extra things, like recording live radio to your phone’s SD card or internal memory.

The process is simple.
– Download app from the  Google Play Store or here
– Install. Browse through radio stations. – And tap on the record button when the broadcast begins.
– Tap on the record button again to end a recording section.

See photos below:





As you can see from the photos above, after each recording, you can just browse through the recording list and playback when you want.

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