How To Text Someone on WhatsApp Without Saving Their

How To Text Someone on WhatsApp Without Saving Their 740 600 GeniusTech Hub Ltd

The “Problem”

I guess we’ve all been in the situation: You see a phone number of someone or a business offering a service, and you want to send them a message on WhatsApp, but at the same time you don’t want to save the contact of the person. Yeah, it happens.

Today we’ll learn just how to do this. No need to save any number you really don’t want to save.

I’ve been there before. I’ve ended up saving a lot of phone numbers just to say hi or ask of the person. I end up having lots of phone numbers I’ll probably never have to contact them again. So here comes a solution.

I used this app just today to contact 2 people without having to save their phone numbers, and boy is it awesome! ?

The Solution

So here’s the app. It’s called Open in WhatsApp. You can download on Google Play here.


Simply copy or enter the phone number you want to text into the app’s phone number field. You have to use the international format. So for example, if the number is a Ghanaian number, you’ll prefix it with +233. Hence if the number is 0265957357, you’ll enter: +233256957357. Easy as that.

Easy huh? After entering the number, the app will automatically launch your WhatsApp app, and then perform a quick search using the WhatsApp public API, and then boom, you can initiate a chat with that number (provided  they are on WhatsApp). Done.

So that’s it. Enjoy. Comment below if you want an alternative for iPhones too. Cheers.

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