How To Spy On Any WhatsApp Number

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The instructions below are for educational purposes only. Please seek the consent of the person before using his/her number. We will not be held responsible for any damage/inconvenience/problems caused.

The process is quiet simple. Just follow the steps and you’re good to go. We have included a video at the end of the tutorial to make things easier. Download link for the app has also been included at the end of the post.

Before we start, let’s consider some scenario that may require this method. Most people like spy on their WhatsApp contacts for whatever reasons they may have. I guess that’s the only reason I can give for now….

1. Download spying app (link at the end of post)
2. Install.

WhatsDog app start screen

Start screen

3. Now run the app. Then select one of your Google accounts to continue.

Account selection screen

Account selection screen

4. It will ask for the contact number you want to spy on. You have the option to choose from your contact list, or you can enter number manually.

Contact number

Enter contact number

5. Now you’re done. Anytime that contact opens his/her WhatsApp, you’ll get a notifications that they are online, and the icon will turn green like in the photo below.

WhatsDog Home Screen

WhatsDog Home Screen

You can go to the settings tab and change the number to a different contact by tapping the DELETE INFO option.

Contact change

Change contact

Pretty simple huh? Enjoy and share with friends as well.

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