How To Save Any Instagram Picture or Video Easily

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Well who doesn’t love Instagram? I bet you sometimes want to save those nice looking photos and videos, don’t you? Well today is your lucky day. There is an app just for that. Works on any android phone. Just install and use.
Instagram is well-known photo blogging app we have all come to love and cherish. People use it to post photos and videos of their little life adventures (or whatever you want to call it). That double-tap-to-like feature is game winner in the app industry. Unlike Facebook, you just have to double-tap any picture or video you find interesting, and voila! Well I guess maybe that’s why you can save Facebook pictures without any hassle.
So back to the matter. Have you ever wanted to keep a copy of that photo you double-tapped? We all do (I’m guilty too). Unfortunately, you can’t just tap the options key and save any photo or video. Most people use the screenshot option. It’s cool but, hey, who wants to see the phone’s time and date in the photo? I know you don’t and neither do I. So here comes the “perfect” solution. You can actually install a “better” version of Instagram. Yes. Better because:

  • You can simply tap options key. Tap download. Done.
  • You can have two Instagram accounts on one Phone (A bit technical to set up)
  • Zoom profile pictures
  • And it’s free!!

The amazing thing about the app is that the developer keeps it up to date, adding extra features with every update. The name of the app is Instagram+. Please download from the link given below, as there are fake ones. Now tell me you don’t love technology.
• Save any Instagram photo or video
• Zoom profile pictures
• Install two Instagram accounts on one device
Download from here :
Special thanks to OGMods for this awesome app.



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