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How To Get Free Bundles Using Airtel Loyalty Points


This article was posted in February hence the point rewards are no more being awarded. Thank you 🙂

Have you heard of the Airtel Loyalty Programme? Most of us may be aware of it. Most don’t. Well today is your lucky day.
If you have been on the Airtel network for a while now, you’ll have accumulated enough points to earn you some goodies including: Internet bundles, smart phones, power banks, and a whole lot.

How to get them? Easy. Simply dial *566# on your handset.

The photos below show the menu that comes up with the corresponding options to choose.

Airtel Rewardz



The other cool thing about this is that you can transfer points to other airtel users. In order to gain more points, just keep using your airtel line.

Some of the products that can be redeemed with your points are shown below.



In my test I found out that 750MB costs 3000 points. Now I have around 5000 points left. I’m just waiting to gain more.

For more info visit the official Airtel website here

Have you tried it yet? How many points do you have? Let’s hear them in the comments below, and get free 100 points from us.


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  1. Jeffery says:

    Wow, I’m gonna try Asap

  2. Afful says:

    Great thanks for the tip

  3. Stephen Richard Antwi says:

    God bless u

  4. Gottfried Owusu Ansah says:

    Wow this is awesome!
    I’ll try this now

  5. Kwame says:

    got 2400 points.

  6. bright says:

    dis is awesome

  7. Patrick Emissah says:

    thanx for this tip

  8. kingsley says:

    Its a very good offer tho, but it should be basically be based on calls and browsing since Whatsapp has covered SMS now a days. I have over 3,000 points and I’m looking forward for more.

  9. kingsley says:

    I wish a maximum points reached could redeam a house or ref

  10. durant says:

    that nice

  11. kwasi says:

    Tanks fr dis important info

  12. BANAHENE says:

    I’m happy for these information

  13. Augustus Ackon says:

    Yeah! I’m about to hit 300 points. I have 2782 points

  14. Barnabas says:

    I used my points to buy some MB and I’m now left with 473pts. How do I increase my points rapidly???

  15. kloodin says:

    Thanks for this information

  16. PeeJoe says:

    I have 11040 points

  17. Nelson says:

    Am on the way tho I have 3998 point

  18. Ric Abeka says:

    I have 11886 points

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