GN Bank Hacked – Again [sponsored post]

GN Bank Hacked – Again [sponsored post] 800 400 GeniusTech Hub Ltd


No website is 100% secure (except for a few). That notwithstanding, every web master makes sure that the hacker finds it hard to get in, if even at all. This has not been the case for the web masters of GN Bank.

For the second time in this month, GN Bank has seen two cyber attacks from the same hacker. In the first hack, the site’s index page was replaced by the hacker’s own “interesting stuff”: a popular old classic song “I’m a Barbie girl”. Click to watch on YouTube. ; a rotating logo of some sort, and an inscription of the hacker (obviously).

We saved a copy of the old hacked site. You can find the screenshot below:

GN Bank Hack

GN Bank Hack

Now the question is: Why would such a reputable company allow such an act to occur twice? Like I always say any website, software, server or computer is “hackable”. But to allow it to happen twice, well that’s something.

I think the hacker had a similar opinion, because what he posted this time is well….See for yourself.

Datapoint Defence Technologies - GN Bank hack

GN Bank Hack 2


It seems the web master(s) is working hard trying to bring the website back on track. From our last check as of the time of this writing, the index page currently displays an Under Construction banner.

GN Bank Hacked - Current state

GN Bank Hacked – Current state


When dealing with a hacked website, the recommendation is to clean up the whole website. Most hackers just want to frustrate your life and give you work to do. You may have no other choice than to wipe out everything entirely; cleaning up your database (if you have one), checking your DNS for possible domain redirection, etc. Today we’ll look at one company that delivers such services of cleaning up a hacked website: Datapoint Defence Technologies.

Datapoint Defence Technologies  is skilled in doing such a good job of cleaning up and securing your hacked website. What is the point in cleaning and not preventing another of it happening again right?

Datapoint Defence Technologies is a service oriented information security consulting and management company.  If you need anything information security related, from assessments to social engineering to security training to policy development etc., their team of experts are in the service to allow you to leverage on their experience.

Get in touch with them today if you need assistance in any of these areas on +233507066578. Their services include, but not limited to:

• Managing the information security team
• Interacting with executive management
• Attending board of directors’ meetings giving updates on the state of security in the organization
• Security policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines development
• Plan security infrastructure in alignment with direction from ‘the Board’
• Point-of-Contact for all security related issues
• Security Awareness Training Services
• Vulnerability Management Monitoring
• Data Classification Services
• Data Loss Prevention Implementation
• Security Program Design
• Vendor Contracts
• Identity and Access Management
• Security Architecture Design
• BYOD Strategies
• Audit Remediation and Audit Management
• Incident Response and event management
• Data Breach Management
• Information security leadership and guidance
• Steering committee leadership or participation
• Security assessments and compliance management (PCI-DSS, ISO 27001)
• Penetration testing
• Social engineering
• Risk assessment


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