WhatsApp launches video calling for beta users
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Here is how you can download WhatsApp video-calling APK

WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp Video Call


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While the feature can be seen on the call tab option, the feature is yet to be fully operational. WhatsApp has presently opened up the lines for video calling, albeit on the beta users’ smartphones. However, the feature seems to be in testing mode at present as beta users are also seeing the feature being switched on, and off, frequently. Similar to when voice calling was enabled, video calling can be seen enabled when the servers on the WhatsApp end are working for the test phase.



Whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp is certainly one of the buzzwords in the instant messaging domain; the Facebook-owned app has been creating massive ripples by introducing all new features for its one-billion+ user base.

After months of being in news, video calling finally comes to WhatsApp. You can now video call your friends and relatives with WhatsApp;s new beta version No.2.16.80. However, since it is beta and available to only testers we are showing how you can get the APK ahead of everybody else.

You can download the beta version of WhatsApp video calling APK file from here. The beta version has the video calling feature live on it, but it isn’t functional just yet. The app is available to beta testers from Google Play’s beta testing program but you would be among the first ones to get it once WhatsApp decides to implement it.

While the video calling mode can be seen after tapping the ‘call’ button, the final working feature is yet to be fully operational for all users. We expect the feature to be rolled out very soon. WhatsApp did the same when the voice calling option was enabled for beta testers. The video calling feature is presently in test mode, where WhatsApp developers are constantly testing with beta users for optimising the data usage over the internet. They want to make sure that the video and voice over the internet data are smooth and there is no lag or drops, apart from compressing and encrypting the data.

WhatsApp free calling became an instant favourite as soon among the users, helping them reduce costs while making calls over long distances. It was one of the first platforms which offered internet-based calling to such a large user-base.

Building up from the success of its recent endeavours such as the controversial encryption feature, formatting options, and desktop app, users can expect this feature to be usually good and effective.

Let’s hear in the comments below if it’s working for you. Cheers!!


WhatsApp Desktop Finally Here
WhatsApp Desktop Finally Here 840 420 geniustechhub

WhatsApp For Desktop

Yes! Finally WhatsApp creates a desktop client for its app. Now you can enjoy the full benefits of using a desktop interface for all your chats. No more need for Bluestacks!


  • WhatsApp installed on your phone
  • Windows 8 and higher (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

It’s pretty easy to set up. It works in the same way as the Web version. Only that instead of scanning a QR code in your browser, this time around you scan the code within the Desktop app. It requires that you have WhatsApp installed on your phone (obviously).

Just head to the WhatsApp download page to download for your Operating System. For now it supports Windows and Mac. Choose your preferred OS and download. Afterwards, run the setup file to install on your computer. Done!

WhatsApp Desktop Download

WhatsApp Desktop Download

How It Works

Now open the software. You’ll be presented with a QR code to scan. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone. Tap options, select WhatsApp Web. Just point your phone’s camera to the QR code. It’ll take about 2 seconds to scan the code, then you’re done. From now on, all your messages will be synced to your desktop WhatsApp version, from your phone. You can log out at any time by clicking the arrow next to your profile to reveal the Logout option.

WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

Enjoy your new WhatsApp on your desktop.

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How to Install Android on Any Computer With Remix OS
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In the world of computing, everyone has come to love android. (I know I have). Android powers most of the world’s devices today: from smartphones, tablets, smart watches, cars, TVs and finally  to PCs and Mac.

This new innovation has been made possible by jide, the group behind the Android for PC revolution.

Remix OS

This new OS is called Remix OS. It’s quite easy to install the Remix OS. In this tutorial, we’ll show how it’s done on a Windows PC, running Windows 10. The Remix OS supports Windows versions from 7 upwards.



Download links are provided at the end of this post.


It takes about 20 minutes to complete the whole installation (depending on your PC speed).
So the first step is to download the installation file from the official site here. You can either run it as a live installation on your USB drive or install it straight to your computer’s hard drive.

After downloading the installation file, extract it to a folder of your choice, then run the installation. It’s just as installing a normal Windows program. You can choose the drive to install it to as well.




It also creates an option for uninstalling the OS in case you decide to. The process is pretty easy. Once you are done installing it to your PC’s drive, just reboot it. When the PC boots, the Remix starts to configure itself, which takes sometime to complete. Just relax and wait for it to finish up. Afterwards, it will reboot again.


Remix OS Setup Screen

Remix OS Setup Screen


OS Selection Screen

OS Selection Screen

On the boot-up screen, you’ll be presented with the option to choose which OS to boot. In case you don’t get this option by default, you can press any of these keys (F9, F12). The actual key will depend on your computer model though. So do find out from your device’s website.

From here, you are almost done. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the whole setup process.

Another cool thing is that it supports file explorer, so you can hook up your external drive and view your media files straight away.





File Explorer

Download links:

Remox OS 32-bit and 64-bit

Leave comments below for help in setting it up. For more info, checkout the main website of Jide at http://www.jide.com/


Instagram Now Supports Multiple Accounts
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During this past week, Instagram started rolling out an update for the app which allows users to have multiple accounts on one device. This comes as a great feature for bloggers and people who handle various accounts. You may have to update to the latest version from the Play Store or App Store to see this update.

Essentially, you’ll see an option to add an extra account when you go to the settings menu.


Tapping on this takes you to the log in screen where you can either enter the details of your other existing account, or create a new one.


After successfully logging in, you should now see a button at the lower right bottom of the app. Press and hold this button to reveal the option to switch between accounts.

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Alternatively, you can find this option in the upper left corner on your profile page.


I especially like this one as it’s a bit more easier. In case you’re unable to see the new feature, simply go to your phone settings, all apps and force stop the Instagram app. This worked for most users. Let’s hear in the comments what worked for you.

So there you have it. No need to worry about installing multiple Instagram apps (like I have). Just switch through multiple accounts with ease.

Samsung Logo
How To Flash Any Samsung Phone
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Flashing a Samsung phone/device is easier than most phones. This is because Samsung provides their own software that can be used to flash all their phone models (Samsung Kies).


— Big thanks to our reader Senior Kwame for bringing to our attention that Odin is not an official Samsung software. Check him out on Facebook. —

The process described below is for flashing any Samsung device back to the original operating system (ROM) and/or for upgrading to any higher android version. If you encounter any problems at any time during the process, drop us a comment below and we’ll assist you. In case you need the procedure for a specific model, let us know in the comment section.

Things you’ll need

  1. Firmware of device (Phone/Device software)
  2. Odin software (For the flashing process)
  3. Internet connection (To download files)
  4. USB cable and USB drivers for your device (For connection between phone and PC)
  5. Windows computer running any version of Windows

Download links for the various things you’ll need are listed below:

The Process

This should take between 20 to 50 minutes to finish (Depending on your internet connection speed).

First download and install the USB driver for your device. Use link above.

Then download the correct firmware file for your device. Be sure to download the correct file for your device, because you can’t use just about any firmware file for any device. Then download the odin software as well.

Copy and place all these files on your desktop, so you can easily find them. Now boot your phone/device into download mode. To achieve this (download mode), follow the steps below:

Switch off the phone completely. Now press and hold the following keys simultaneously:

Volume Key Down + Home Key + Power Key

See photo below:


Download mode

Download Mode S2


Now the phone is in download mode. Connect the USB cable to phone, then to PC. Launch the odin software now. Make sure the following options are selected as seen in the photo below.


Odin Interface


Click the PDA option, to browse for the firmware/flash file you downloaded for your device. This is what will be used by odin to flash your phone.

Once the flash file is uploaded, click the Start option to begin the process. Just sit and wait while your phone is flashed/upgraded. It’ll automatically reboot when done, then you can continue the process on your phone. Your phone should now boot and you can walk through the setup like any other new phone setup. That’s it. You’re done.

Leave comment below for any assistance.



How To Use Two Instagram Accounts on One Phone
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If you’re someone who loves IG so much, you’ll love this. I’m guessing you have more than one IG account (who doesn’t?)
Anyway, this is a simple process. We’ll be installing two Instagram accounts on one device. Don’t worry if you already have Instagram installed. You’ll need to install the second one, then you’re all set. The best thing about this is that you can save any photo or video with this app. Simply tap the optins, tap Download. Done.

The process:
1.Download the Instagram+ from here
2. Install and run the app, just like any other app
3. Login with your Instagram account credentials. Done.

Now enjoy the ability to save any photo or video, and also have two instances of Instagram.
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How To Recover Any Lost Media on Android Phone
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We all lose some files sometimes, and we often want them back for some reason. Maybe we accidentally deleted them or lost them somehow.
Today we’ll learn how to recover these files: images, video, music, documents, etc….
You can recover files from an SD Card as well with this method.
The app we’ll use for this is called Disk Digger. It essentially scans your device for deleted or lost files. It then gives you the option to restore them to any location on your device after the scan is complete.

But your device will have to be rooted as this app requires root access to work properly.
You can check the rooting post on how to root your device before you continue.

The process:
– Download app from the Play Store or get the APK file here
– Install and run the app.
– Choose the location where you want to do the scanning


– Tap ok and wait for it to finish the scan.


– Now select a location where you want to save your recovered files. Done!

Pretty simple huh?
Leave comments below for any assistance.


Free android apps
How to Download Any Android App Free
How to Download Any Android App Free 607 382 geniustechhub

Today we’ll learn how to download any android app for free: both free and paid/premium apps.

This is meant for educational purposes only. Please buy premium apps to help the works of developers.

With that being said, let’s continue.
The process is quiet simple. All you’ll have to do is install a different market app called Blackmart. This apps has a list of most android apps that you can download for free. One thing though is that this app requires that your phone is rooted.
If you don’t feel comfortable installing apps that require root access to your device, you can refrain from doing this.
Also check the post on How to Root any Android Phone in less than five minutes  in the Android section.

The process:
Download and install Blackmart from here
– Grant root permission on request.
– Run app the. Now browse through the repository of apps and download what you want. You can even search for any app you may want.
– Pretty simple huh?


You can uninstall the Blackmart app after you’re done downloading the apps you want.
Leave comments and questions below for help. Enjoy.




How to Record Live Radio on Android
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Internet radio has become a common thing now. As technology increases, we’ll certainly see more of this on the rise. Now you don’t necessarily need a device with inbuilt radio in order to listen to live radio.
More apps are now available that can take care of that. The most common one among these is the TuneIn Radio App.
This app let’s you listen to radio and stream online music for free. All you need is an internet connection on your phone. Just enjoy live streaming radio and music for free.
So what if you wanted to record your favourite radio program and listen to it later? What if you wanted to schedule auto recording of this program? TuneIn Radio Pro makes all this possible.

There are two versions of this app: the normal TuneIn App and the Pro version. The pro version allows to do extra things, like recording live radio to your phone’s SD card or internal memory.

The process is simple.
– Download app from the  Google Play Store or here
– Install. Browse through radio stations. – And tap on the record button when the broadcast begins.
– Tap on the record button again to end a recording section.

See photos below:





As you can see from the photos above, after each recording, you can just browse through the recording list and playback when you want.

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