WhatsApp Video Calling Active Now 
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Video Calling Finally Here

Download links provided at the end of post. 

The long awaited WhatsApp calling feature is finally here. Simply update your app on either the Google Play Store or on the App Store to enjoy this new feature. 
WhatsApp said it will be rolling the updates from now throughout the coming weeks; hence most users should be seeing the update prompt by now. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are both giving the update notice to users. 

We had a chance to try it out in the office. I must say it’s really cool. Cool in the sense that the network is stable during calls. Maybe we just got lucky with our network speed. Let’s hear how the experience is for you. 

Just one condition

In the mean time, in order to call someone with the video feature, the other party has to have an updated version as well. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, the other party doesn’t have the updated version hence the video call couldn’t go through. 

Download or Update Now

Google Play Store Download

App Store Download 

Direct Download (Android) 

Top 10 New WhatsApp Features
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New WhatsApp Features

Whatsapp is the biggest messaging app no doubt. With over one billion downloads in the Play Store alone, it’s no wonder this fact is indeed true. The popular messaging app has grown quiet large since it was first launched in January 2010.

With its growth has come several new features which continue to increase week by week. Today we’ll look at some of these new features you may have seen before; and some you may have not realized yet. I bet you’ll find something new you didn’t know existed in the app.

So here are the top 10 new features in Whatsapp.

1. Group Invite Using Links

We are part of at least one Whatsapp group or the other. Groups used to be a bit sketchy. You open your chat and the next thing you know, you have been added to some strange group. Well Whatsapp has some new feature to check this “behaviour” of group admins. It’s the ability to invite people to join your group. This way, anyone who joins your group does so by his own choice. It’s like asking someone permission to be added to a new group, only in a cool way this time.

An example is shown below. By the way you can join our new Whatsapp group via this link: GeniusTech Hub WhatsApp Group


2. Mentioning/Listing All Group Members

So you have been added to a new group or you joined a group via a link. Want to know who else is in the group quickly? Simply type @ button on your keyboard. All group members will be listed in a tiny window within the chat. Simply scroll through to see who else is in the group. You can also use this feature to mention a group member easily. This is like using the reply feature, only in a cooler way.

3. Multi-select For Media Sharing

Imagine you want to send a photo some friends. You have to send to one contact first, then forward to the others individually. Now imagine you could send to all at once. Now it’s possible to do so. From your gallery or media, simply select share via Whatsapp as always. This time around, you’ll realize that you the option to select more than one contact. Really cool huh?

4. (Same sex) Emoji

Ok so I won’t say much about this one. Seeing is believing (unless I’m seeing wrongly).

5. Multiple-select Contacts to Create Group

If you have ever created a group before, you know how frustrating it is to add new people from the start. What if you just multi-select contacts and then just tap an option to create a group? This same option can be used to create broadcast lists as well.

6. GIF Now Supported

Finally!!! GIFs!! Unless you don’t know what a GIF is, you probably should be dancing by now. The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its acronym GIF /ˈɪf/ jif or /ˈɡɪf/ ghif) is a bitmap image format.  Simply put, it’s video without audio. Mostly they are used by people to show funny stuff in seconds.

A typical example is the rotating globe below. (Not funny. I know).

Want to create your own? Follow this article on Hubspot to learn how: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-create-animated-gif-quick-tip-ht 

If you have Telegram installed on your device, you can simply create one using the app. More on that in a later post.


7. Star a Message

Remember those favorite messages you have always wanted to read over and over again? How about saving them for later, so you can easily find them again. You can do this on an individual chat or in a group chat. Simply press-and-hold a conversation  and star it. It’ll be saved to your starred messages for later reading. Cool huh?

8. “Waiting for This message. This May Take a While”

You have probably seen this message before. It’s not a big deal actually. It’s simply the End-to-end encryption feature in Whatsapp doing its job. What is happening is that, the sender of the message has gone offline hence his message cannot be encrypted before delivered to your device. So the next time he/she comes online, the message gets encrypted and sent to you. Hope I didn’t sound too technical.


9. Formatting a Message: Bold, Italics, Strike-through

Who doesn’t like text formatting? Show by hands (join our WhatsApp group and show by hands using this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/3qGQfdBbN9v1LYyqm2Qoyt)  Moving on 🙂

So now Whatsapp allows you to format your text messages. You can bolden a text by putting an asterisk before and after the word like so: *bold*, transforms to bold. To type in italics, use the ~~ symbol before and after the word like so: ~italics~, transforms to italics. Strike-through uses the underscore symbol _, so to transform we use the underscore before and after the word like so: _strike-through_, transforms to strike-through.

10. Bold Emojis

Ok so I know you know this one already. Simply send an emoji without text and it transforms to a big emoji. Add text and you get your normal sized emoji.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. Do share with a friend after trying them out. If we missed any new feature, do let us know via the comment section.


Of course we have extras 🙂

  • Save your chat history using Google Drive.
  • Custom notifications for individual chats and groups now available
  • See someone’s ‘last seen’ while hiding yours
How to Record Live Radio on Android
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Internet radio has become a common thing now. As technology increases, we’ll certainly see more of this on the rise. Now you don’t necessarily need a device with inbuilt radio in order to listen to live radio.
More apps are now available that can take care of that. The most common one among these is the TuneIn Radio App.
This app let’s you listen to radio and stream online music for free. All you need is an internet connection on your phone. Just enjoy live streaming radio and music for free.
So what if you wanted to record your favourite radio program and listen to it later? What if you wanted to schedule auto recording of this program? TuneIn Radio Pro makes all this possible.

There are two versions of this app: the normal TuneIn App and the Pro version. The pro version allows to do extra things, like recording live radio to your phone’s SD card or internal memory.

The process is simple.
– Download app from the  Google Play Store or here
– Install. Browse through radio stations. – And tap on the record button when the broadcast begins.
– Tap on the record button again to end a recording section.

See photos below:





As you can see from the photos above, after each recording, you can just browse through the recording list and playback when you want.

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iCloud Unlocking
How to Remove iCloud on iPhone and iPad
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Contrary to what most people say, iCloud can be bypassed or unlocked. But there is a catch: the device must not have been reported as stolen or lost.

Don’t smile yet (just kidding). First, you need make sure your device is “clean”: that is, it must not have been be reported as blocked. Most people buy iPhones that have the Find My iPhone feature enabled. What this means is that, the new owner has to activate it with his iCloud account. Any active iCloud on the device must be removed first.

To accomplish this, we simply have to delete the account associated with the iPhone from the Apple database. Contact us for more details on how to get your device iCloud account removed today.
Order for iCloud Unlocking from the icloud page: iCloud Unlocking