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Get Cheap Unlimited Internet Connection Now!

So imagine being able to download all those series and movies without restrictions. Yes, no data to worry about. Just download and browse as you like. Now it’s absolutely possible. All you need is an active GSM sim card, a 3G/4G modem/mifi or even your cellular phone.

But this is all not for free of course. It costs just a little to get this cool offer. This is broadband on a modem. That’s exactly what it is. The power of broadband cramped into a modem that can be used anywhere within the country. If you want to enjoy this service, simply fill the form at the end of the post, make payment, and we’ll send you your unique username and password. Then you’ll be on your way to downloading and browsing!

Who is this for?

  • Individuals
  • Corporate offices
  • Residential areas
  • Internet Cafes


  • GSM SIM card
  • 3G or 4G modem/mifi/phone (android and iOS)
  • PC (Windows)
  • Basic knowledge of VPN

The Available Packages


1mbps – GHS 40 : Get upload speed of 1mbps with this package. Download and browse unlimited anywhere any time. No data caps. You are only limited by speed. Can be used on pc only.

2mbps – GHS 70 : Download at a speed of 2mbps with this package. Download and browse unlimited anywhere any time. No data caps. You are only limited by speed. If you want more speed, simply request for more. The higher the speed, the higher the cost.



2mbps Shared: – GHS 250 

5mbps Shared: – GHS 450 

20mbps Shared: – GHS 1100 

Phone Only Weekly Package

This package comes with an unlimited data and speed cap. Browse, stream and download all you want, on your Android or iOS device.

Price: GHS 40  Weekly

NOTE: We provide setup of Mikrotik routers as well for those who want to have total control of their network. If you are interested in the router option, simply send us a message from the contact page or sound it off in the comments section.

How to set up

After you make payment, we will send you the instructions on how to set it up on your computer (Windows) or phone (Android or iOS device). We will also send you a step-by-step document which you can easily follow to get started. We also include a software which you will just click to run. Trust me, it’s as easy as that. All this will be done within the hour after payment.

If you want to get started, simply fill the form below. Kindly post any questions and clarifications yo have in the comments section as well.

Full name
Select one option
How do you want to make payment?
Tell us what device you have
Let us hear any questions and clarification you have.






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