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CES 2017 – Highlights and All the New Goodies
CES 2017 – Highlights and All the New Goodies 800 400 geniustechhub

CES 2017

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has finally come to an end. The show begun from January 5 and ended on the 8th, 2017. And as always amazing tech stuff were unveiled at this year’s event. We’ll just take you through some of the ones we think were super amazing. If you have any additions you would want us to add to the the list, simply sound it off in the comments section, and we’ll update the post just for you ?

Razer Project Valerie

Razer Project Valerie

Razer Project Valerie

Immersive gaming has never been more portable. Introducing Project Valerie, the world’s first automated triple display laptop. Constructed to be incredibly powerful yet mobile, this revolutionary laptop gives you easy access to three eye-popping 4K displays. Regardless of where you are, you can have the visual superiority of a 12K desktop setup to excel at both work and play.

Featuring three stunning high resolution 17.3 inch 4K screens, Project Valerie provides the most expansive viewing experience in a notebook. Powered by an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 GPU, and natively supporting NVIDIA Surround View with a whopping resolution of 11520 x 2160, get a wider view of the race track or the battlefield for an unmatched immersive experience.


LG W7 Wallpaper TV

LG W7 Wallpaper TV

LG W7 Wallpaper TV

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, a display technology found in phone and laptop screens too, although only LG makes large screen sizes with that technology. LG’s OLED TVs deliver the best picture quality we’ve ever tested, beating LCD sets from Samsung, Sony and others in our tests over the last few years.With LCD-based televisions, going ultra thin often means sacrificing image quality, but according to LG the W7 will share the same image quality as its other 2017 OLED TVs.


  • Available in 65- and 77-inch sizes
  • Panel weighs 18 and 27 pounds, respectively
  • 3.85mm deep including wall mount (panel depth 2.57mm)
  • 4K resolution
  • Supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and Technicolor HDR
  • 1,000 nits peak brightness in highlights
  • Covers 99 percent of DCI color space
  • Included sound bar with Dolby Atmos

Would you get one for your living room?

LG Soundbar


LG Soundbar

LG Soundbar

While much attention was focused on 4K televisions and smart home products, Chromecast tech was was a soft-spoken feature for a large number of manufactures this year.

LG in particular unveiled their newest home audio system featuring the latest in Dolby Atmos technology.

What’s so incredible about this setup is the massive sound produced from relatively discreet hardware. The sound bar, measuring a mere 47.24″ x 2.28″ x 5.71″, features 5.1.2 channel sound.

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic has finally released the full specifications for its new Micro Four Thirds mirrorless flagship, the DC-GH5, and they definitely do not disappoint. This hybrid stills/video camera offers some outsized specs for its size, including UHD 4K at 60 fps, DCI/UHD 4K at 24/30 fps with internal 10-bit 4:2:2 recording, 12 fps continuous shooting, 4K and 6K PHOTO, 5-axis in-body stabilization, and more. It also features a newly developed 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor without a low-pass filter with 1.66x faster processing and a new Venus Engine that is 1.3x faster to help produce and process the imagery.

Hover Camera Passport ‘selfie-drone’

Selfie-drone camera specs

Speaking of selfies…

Hover Camera Passport is a paperback-sized gadget flips open to follow the user around using facial recognition technology and shoot photos and video.

See it in action in the video below:

Faraday Future 91 Super Car

Faraday Future 91 Super Car

Faraday Future Take-off


Faraday future unveiled their first production vehicle, the ‘FF 91’ all-electric supercar, at the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas. It defines a new era of electric mobility that fuses exceptionally high performance with precise handling, ultra-luxury, and futuristic intelligence features. Leading its extreme capabilities, the supercar produces 783 kW of power, equating to 1050 HP, delivering a staggering 0-60 mph time of 2.39 seconds.


FF 91 Super Car

FF 91 Super Car

Driven by aerodynamics, the faraday future ‘FF 91’ has a sleek, rounded front yet an edgy, angular rear that not only looks striking but improves efficiency and thus the car’s range. Its signature UFO line runs around the mid-section, highlighting the wide and long wheelbase of the vehicle. Focusing on communication, the exterior lighting system establishes a deeper and more engaging connection between itself and the driver. As users approach, the ‘FF 91’ recognizes and welcomes them by illuminating a panel with the owner’s confirmation sequence.


There were more products at CES 2017 than covered in this post. You can check out the full list tech products that featured from the official CES website or from CNET.

If you are a video freak like us, check out the coverage below:


Did we miss something you wanted to see? Let us know in the comments below. 2017 will be amazing!

The “Steve Jobs” Phenomenon – Break from it
The “Steve Jobs” Phenomenon – Break from it 800 400 geniustechhub

So yes. You want to start your own company. Trust me, it’s the best decision you could ever make for your life. I mean, imagine working for yourself! No more bosses, no more being ordered around – you get the drill.

It’s awesome in every way. But it does come with its own perks – some good, some not so good. I won’t use the word “bad” here. You either win or learn. No one loses in life, it’s just a miscalculated step you took; and you should by all means learn from it.

Ok enough of the rumbling. I’m guessing by now you are wondering why this strange topic for an article meant to boost your moral in your quest to building the next big thing. Well, I’ll just get straight into it. I’m not even going to mention who Steve Jobs is. If you don’t know this famous tech guru, you probably shouldn’t be reading this in the firs place. But I’ll spare the first-timers. Read about him here: 🙂

Back to what we were saying. Now that you know who Steve Jobs is, it’s safe to say we can continue. If you know a little about Steve, or generally, you’ll know that he’s the famous Apple founder who didn’t know a single lone of code, and yet built what is now the biggest name in the tech industry: Apple Inc.

So here’s is/are the points I want to make, for new entrepreneurs: that era is long over. The era where one gets a big idea and expects others to build it for him (I’m not saying Steve didn’t do any of the work). But at least that’s how it’s perceived. Steve Wozniak can attest to this.

If you come up with a great idea, here’s what you should be prepared to do:

Acquire the necessary skills to get it going in the first place:

If you want to build and sell house as a business, learn how construction works; If you want to sell cars, learn how to drive and to maintain a car; If you want to build the Facebook of our time, by all means, learn to code. Hope you are getting what I’m driving at? You may argue that you can hire people to do all that for you. But believe me, you as the originator of the idea, have to know more about it, if not more than half of it, than anyone else. Then as you pick up pace, you can hire people and build a team to scale it up.

Don’t go in clueless

Imagine you want to build an AI company (OK Google), and you have no idea what AI even means. Are we on the same page now? Read, read and read again!! Gather as much information as you can about that particular niche. Don’t go on half blinded. Go in all-eyes-open. You can’t afford the risk of ignorance. It’s very costly.

Take someone like Elun Musk for example (my mentor by the way). He loves engineering, rockets and electric cars. He took time to read all he could in all these areas. Sure he could have hired people from the start, but he chose the smart way. Be in the know before bringing on more people who have same knowledge or even more than you. Now see where he’s at. Recently Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated on social media the personal assistant Jarvis he’s been working on for a while. The dude is worth over $50 billion (at the time of this writing). You would think he could just sit back and watch the cash rolling, but no. He’s still programming. Video below:


Keep reading, learning and practicing. Hone those skills

This point kind of adds to last one. One thing you should always remember is that knowledge is progressive; the things we know today will become obsolete in the next 5 years or more.

So what do you do? Keep up with current trends. 5 years ago, it was ok to build a website using just HTML, CSS and some javascript. These are still required but you have to make sure that website is responsive – fits all screen sizes. Also, you can simply decide to use any CMS to accomplish the same task. In fact it is even easier and faster to use a CMS (Content Management System). Popular ones include: Typo3, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, just to name a few. As technology progresses, it become easier for everyone to learn – at least that’s what I’ve seen in my experience.

So what is the Steve Jobs Phenomenon?

This is simply the situation (call it what you want though) where a young aspiring entrepreneur decides to take this path of self-employment, and thinks that he can hire people to build the idea for him, without him touching anything.

Mind you, Steve Jobs had some serious background in design. No wonder we all love Apple designs (admit it). Apple actually published a book this year that highlights all their product designs since day one. You can have a look at it here: it’s called Designed by Apple.

So you see, Steve did know something. he just got Wozniak on board to bring it to life. I may be wrong, but that’s the general perception of some young entrepreneurs – thinking they can act as the thinkers, and have others as the builders. Well, that’s not a smart. You should read on what happened between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (another mentor).

I’ll leave that last part for you to research on. Maybe sound it off in the comments section. Oh in case you didn’t get the whole phenomenon thing, let’s discuss it in the comments section below. I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurship journey. :):):)




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How to Root Any Android Phone Without a Computer
How to Root Any Android Phone Without a Computer 700 400 geniustechhub

Android Rooting

So what is “Rooting Android”? If you are reading this, I’ll assume you probably know what rooting is. For those who don’t it is simply a way to gain full access to your android phone. Meaning, you can perform certain actions that require admin privileges. Some apps on the Google Play store requires your device to be rooted in order to use.

In this short tutorial, we’ll be looking at how to root any android device without the use of a computer. You will simply install an app and use it to root your android device. The app we will be using is called KingRoot. We have installed it on several of our devices and proven to work all the time. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below for help.



The Steps

DISCLAIMER: Rooting your device MAY sometimes cause some issues on certain devices. So we advice that you backup your important data before rooting. We shall not be held responsible for any damage caused.

Supported Devices

This method of rooting supports a large number of Android devices.

KingRoot Supported Devices

KingRoot Supported Devices


Follow the steps outlined below to get root access on your device in no time.


STEP 1: Download and install KingRoot from the official website:

There are two download options available. Select the Android version as we will be using and android device in this tutorial.

Download For Android

Download For Android


Installation Screen

Installation Screen



STEP 2: Now open the installed app and tap on orange option with the caption “Get Now”.

This will start the rooting process. A progress icon will then appear on the screen. At this point, wait for it to complete. Your device will restart at some point in time. So don’t panic when that happens. (Remember the caution to do a backup?  🙂


KingRoot Interface

KingRoot Interface


Rooting Progress

STEP 3: At this point, the process should be complete, and your device may reboot. It’s advisable to wait for your device to reboot before proceeding.


After your device reboots, you need to check to see whether the root was successful. Download this app called Root Checker from the Google Play Store.

Root Checker Confirmation

Root Checker Confirmation

Once you get this message on your phone, you’re good to go. Leave comments below for help and questions you may have.
Happy rooting!



Top 5 Genuine Online Job Sites
Top 5 Genuine Online Job Sites 800 400 geniustechhub

Online Mini Jobs

Most internet users fail to realize the opportunities they can benefit from for just being online. There are several websites that will pay you some small cash for performing simple tasks. These can range from reviewing apps/games, article writing, proof-reading, website views, etc.

By simply undertaking some of these simple tasks, you’ll be on your way to earning some extra cash on the side. We’ll share with you some genuine sites we’ve used over time and that have been recommended by our friends. Do take time to go through each to see which one meets your desires. After all, everyone wants some extra cash on the side. These are not freelancer sites where you need to bid for projects/work. These ones can be applied for as long as they are available in your country.

Payment Options – PayPal

Note however that these sites do not pay so much. So don’t expect to become a millionaire by using these sites. They don’t pay as high as your normal day-to-day job will do so do keep that in mind.
One more thing to note also is that most of these sites pay you using online payment systems. The most common one is PayPal. So be sure to have a PayPal account.

You can check out our PayPal service and order for an account right now. It will be ready in an hour or less.

The List

So here is the list of top 5 minijob websites:


When it comes to the most popular site to do mini jobs online, does a good job at this. Most tasks are budgeted between $0.10 to $1.00. There are also HG Jobs that pay higher than general tasks. You receive payment via PayPal or Skrill when you earn above $10.

Heard of Amazon? Well is part of this giant online company. has more jobs compared to microworkers Budget ranges from $0.10 to $10.00. Payouts are made via check, bank transfer or via an Amazon gift car (obviously).


Similar to, this site is also another popular minijobs website.

4. provides jobs between $0.10 t0 $5.00. You can withdraw your money when it is above $4.00 with a processing fee of 6%. Withdrawal options include PayPal, Payza and bank transfer.


Jobboy is similar to microworkers. You can withdraw your money via PayPal or Payza once it hits $10.00 or more.

Have any to add to the list? Sound it off in the comments section.

Need a PayPal account? Order for one from our PayPal Page.

WhatsApp Video Calling Active Now 
WhatsApp Video Calling Active Now  960 540 geniustechhub

Video Calling Finally Here

Download links provided at the end of post. 

The long awaited WhatsApp calling feature is finally here. Simply update your app on either the Google Play Store or on the App Store to enjoy this new feature. 
WhatsApp said it will be rolling the updates from now throughout the coming weeks; hence most users should be seeing the update prompt by now. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are both giving the update notice to users. 

We had a chance to try it out in the office. I must say it’s really cool. Cool in the sense that the network is stable during calls. Maybe we just got lucky with our network speed. Let’s hear how the experience is for you. 

Just one condition

In the mean time, in order to call someone with the video feature, the other party has to have an updated version as well. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, the other party doesn’t have the updated version hence the video call couldn’t go through. 

Download or Update Now

Google Play Store Download

App Store Download 

Direct Download (Android) 

MacBook Pro 2016: Full Review 
MacBook Pro 2016: Full Review  750 434 geniustechhub

Apple has just released a new MacBook to add to its line of MacBook Pros. This followed the earlier launch of the Microsoft Desktop computer, the Surface Studio. 

The new feature  everyone is talking about is the Touch Bar, which acts as a second retina display. Follow as we provide all you need to know in this review of the MacBook Pro 2016. 

Macbook Pro 2016

Apple October 2016 Event


Apple has announced a brand new design for its MacBook Pro family of devices, coming in 13 and 15-inch models.
The new MacBook Pro (2016) evolves the unibody design of the previous MacBook Pro, sticking to the compact form factor, but reducing in size once again. It will be available in silver or grey.
The new 13-inch MacBook Pro measures 14.9 x 304.1 x 212.4mm and weighs 1.37kg.
The new 15-inch MacBook Pro measures 15.5 x 349.3 x 240.7mm and weighs 1.83kg.

New MacBook Pro Dimensions

New MacBook Pro Dimensions

The reduction in volume as lead to a complete redesign for the internals, with a new cooling system to move air through the body and exhaust out the back. The display is as thin as the little 12-inch MacBook, while the Force Touch trackpad increases in size.
However, the biggest changes are the stripping out of all the ports and replacing them with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The second biggest change is the inclusion of a new OLED Touch Bar, sitting in the space where the Fn keys used to sit.
This is the basic breakdown of new MacBook Pro models:
13-inch MacBook Pro, two Thunderbolt 3 ports

13-inch MacBook Pro, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, Touch Bar

15-inch MacBook Pro, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, touch Bar

New Feature: Touch Bar


The MacBook Pro TouchBar

The Touch Bar is the real talking point of the new MacBook Pro, and likely to be the feature that sells this new design to a wide number of people.
The Touch Bar replaces the Fn keys and is a second Retina display. This OLED panel supports up to 10-points of touch and is full colour, designed to change its options depending on what you’re doing on your Mac. It will offer things like volume sliders, shortcuts in your browser, text predictions when typing and tools when using more advanced programs.

Touch Bar Emojis

Touch Bar Emojis

For example, Apple demonstrated how Photoshop tools would appear on Touch Bar, how Microsoft Word tools could appear on the Touch Bar and how basic system controls could appear there too. There can also be a full emoji bar on Touch Bar, making it really easy to respond to messages with minimal fuss.
The Touch Bar will also incorporate the power button, which also integrates Touch ID, with a secure chip in the MacBook Pro, meaning you can touch to make payments.

Specs and Hardware

MacBook Pro 2016 Internal

MacBook Pro 2016 Internal

The new MacBook Pros offer a range of Intel Core i CPUs, with a huge range of options for RAM, storage and on the larger model, GPUs.
The basic 13-inch MacBook Pro (without Touch Bar) starts with a 2.0GHz Core i5, 256GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM. Graphics come from onboard Intel Iris 540. As mentioned, there are two Thunderbolt ports. It has a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display, 277ppi.
The 13-inch MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar) starts with a 2.9GHz Core i5, 256GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM. Graphics are supplied by the Intel Iris 550. This model gets four Thunderbolt 3 ports. It has a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display, 277ppi.

Apple ForceTouch Trackpad

ForceTouch Trackpad

Finally the 15-inch MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar) starts with 2.6GHz Core i7, 256GB SSD storage and 16GB RAM. Graphics come from the AMD Radeon Pro 450 (2GB) with Intel HD Graphics 530. There are four Thunderbolt 3 ports. It has a 2880 x 1800 pixel resolution display, for 220ppi

So, the question is: are you getting one? 

Google Pixel and Pixel XL:: Review
Google Pixel and Pixel XL:: Review 777 437 geniustechhub

The Google phone is finally here. After years of dipping its toes with its range of Nexus phones made by third parties and the inevitable compromises that came with them, Google has unveiled two of its own phones – the Pixel and Pixel XL.

This 5.5-inch Android phone is the successor to last year’s Nexus 6P, as Google is altogether ditching the affordable, developer-focused Nexus brand in favor of this new Pixel XL and its smaller 5-inch Pixel counterpart.

Under a new hardware division set up last year, Google itself has taken control of the phone’s look, feel and specifications. The result is what can be described as the first true Google phone, one that takes the combination of hardware and software that Apple have used so well and applies it to Android, the world’s most popular operating system.So Google has the formula, but whether the Pixel phone will stack up to the iPhone is another question.

Design and feel

The 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL come in two colours in the UK, irreverently named “very silver” and “quite black” (the “really blue” of the US is not available in the UK). The colours are simply fine: nothing you won’t have seen before but perfectly nice. Out of the two, I preferred the black.

Google came in for a fair amount of criticism for releasing two phones that people said look like the iPhone and while that’s fair, up close you really wouldn’t mistake the two. And it’s not just because the Pixel has a headphone jack.

The Pixels look and feel a little more rectangular – the body curves towards a straight edge on the side of the phone instead of being properly rounded. And with the buttons at the bottom embedded in the screen and the fingerprint scanner on the back, it feels like there’s an awful lot of phone not being used for anything, especially under the screen. The glass panel at the back of the phone – a necessary requirement to fit all the Pixel’s innards in – is a little offputting, and feels plasticky.
It’s not a bad design, but it doesn’t feel up there with the best efforts from Samsung and Apple this year. But the phones are comfortable and light to use, and the XL doesn’t feel oversized compared to other phablets. Apart from the size, the two models are fairly similar.


One of the big selling points of the Pixel is definitely the 12.3MP camera. This was a surprise – the Nexus devices were never known for photography – but according to DxOMark, a true authority on phone cameras, it is the best they have ever tried.
The camera is certainly quick, deals well with quickly taken photos and the results looked good in the demo room, but as always it’s hard to judge based on a few minutes with the phone.
One thing that is nice – accessing the camera is really easy. Just double click the lock button and it is brought up immediately. And to switch between the front and back camera, you can do a little double flick with your wrist, which works really well.

One of the best things about the Pixel is unlimited photo and video storage on Google Photos, which guarantees you won’t run out of space – nice for those who buy the 32GB version of the phone.


Google Assistant and Android

This is the first phone with Google Assistant, the AI software that the company has spent a lot of time developing. You hold down the home button to activate it (or just say “OK Google”) and it is supposed to intelligently answer all sorts of questions, such as those about nearby restaurants, upcoming films, your calendar, information from Wikipedia, and so on.

While the voice recognition is very good, it remains to be seen how useful this will actually be. At present, it only offers Google services, so you can’t ask it to play Spotify, for example, although this will change.
As with the Nexus phones, it’s Android with Google at the forefront, which many people like best. Apps such as Google Allo and Duo come as default, and everything runs smoothly. Apps are also displayed as circles rather than squares – although this only applies for Google’s own apps, so throw in other apps and the result is a little messy.
The only other difference is that the app launcher: you swipe up from the app tray at the bottom of the screen to get to the launcher, which works perfectly well.
rice and release date

The Pixel cost £599 for the 32GB version and £699 for 128GB, while the XL is £719 for 32GB and £819 for the 128GB model.
They are available for pre-order now, and go on sale on October 20 from EE and Carphone Warehouse.

Had an experience with any of the two models yet? Want to buy one? Let’s hear it in the comments section.

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Top 10 New WhatsApp Features
Top 10 New WhatsApp Features 640 313 geniustechhub

New WhatsApp Features

Whatsapp is the biggest messaging app no doubt. With over one billion downloads in the Play Store alone, it’s no wonder this fact is indeed true. The popular messaging app has grown quiet large since it was first launched in January 2010.

With its growth has come several new features which continue to increase week by week. Today we’ll look at some of these new features you may have seen before; and some you may have not realized yet. I bet you’ll find something new you didn’t know existed in the app.

So here are the top 10 new features in Whatsapp.

1. Group Invite Using Links

We are part of at least one Whatsapp group or the other. Groups used to be a bit sketchy. You open your chat and the next thing you know, you have been added to some strange group. Well Whatsapp has some new feature to check this “behaviour” of group admins. It’s the ability to invite people to join your group. This way, anyone who joins your group does so by his own choice. It’s like asking someone permission to be added to a new group, only in a cool way this time.

An example is shown below. By the way you can join our new Whatsapp group via this link: GeniusTech Hub WhatsApp Group


2. Mentioning/Listing All Group Members

So you have been added to a new group or you joined a group via a link. Want to know who else is in the group quickly? Simply type @ button on your keyboard. All group members will be listed in a tiny window within the chat. Simply scroll through to see who else is in the group. You can also use this feature to mention a group member easily. This is like using the reply feature, only in a cooler way.

3. Multi-select For Media Sharing

Imagine you want to send a photo some friends. You have to send to one contact first, then forward to the others individually. Now imagine you could send to all at once. Now it’s possible to do so. From your gallery or media, simply select share via Whatsapp as always. This time around, you’ll realize that you the option to select more than one contact. Really cool huh?

4. (Same sex) Emoji

Ok so I won’t say much about this one. Seeing is believing (unless I’m seeing wrongly).

5. Multiple-select Contacts to Create Group

If you have ever created a group before, you know how frustrating it is to add new people from the start. What if you just multi-select contacts and then just tap an option to create a group? This same option can be used to create broadcast lists as well.

6. GIF Now Supported

Finally!!! GIFs!! Unless you don’t know what a GIF is, you probably should be dancing by now. The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its acronym GIF /ˈɪf/ jif or /ˈɡɪf/ ghif) is a bitmap image format.  Simply put, it’s video without audio. Mostly they are used by people to show funny stuff in seconds.

A typical example is the rotating globe below. (Not funny. I know).

Want to create your own? Follow this article on Hubspot to learn how: 

If you have Telegram installed on your device, you can simply create one using the app. More on that in a later post.


7. Star a Message

Remember those favorite messages you have always wanted to read over and over again? How about saving them for later, so you can easily find them again. You can do this on an individual chat or in a group chat. Simply press-and-hold a conversation  and star it. It’ll be saved to your starred messages for later reading. Cool huh?

8. “Waiting for This message. This May Take a While”

You have probably seen this message before. It’s not a big deal actually. It’s simply the End-to-end encryption feature in Whatsapp doing its job. What is happening is that, the sender of the message has gone offline hence his message cannot be encrypted before delivered to your device. So the next time he/she comes online, the message gets encrypted and sent to you. Hope I didn’t sound too technical.


9. Formatting a Message: Bold, Italics, Strike-through

Who doesn’t like text formatting? Show by hands (join our WhatsApp group and show by hands using this link:  Moving on 🙂

So now Whatsapp allows you to format your text messages. You can bolden a text by putting an asterisk before and after the word like so: *bold*, transforms to bold. To type in italics, use the ~~ symbol before and after the word like so: ~italics~, transforms to italics. Strike-through uses the underscore symbol _, so to transform we use the underscore before and after the word like so: _strike-through_, transforms to strike-through.

10. Bold Emojis

Ok so I know you know this one already. Simply send an emoji without text and it transforms to a big emoji. Add text and you get your normal sized emoji.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. Do share with a friend after trying them out. If we missed any new feature, do let us know via the comment section.


Of course we have extras 🙂

  • Save your chat history using Google Drive.
  • Custom notifications for individual chats and groups now available
  • See someone’s ‘last seen’ while hiding yours
How To Make Money With Your Website (Monetizing a Website)
How To Make Money With Your Website (Monetizing a Website) 700 346 geniustechhub


Website Monetization – What is it?

As you can infer from from the term, website monetization simply means making your website make money for you. You achieve this by certain means which we will discuss below. If you have a website that generates a lot of traffic, it’s only fair (in business terms) to profit from it. Also, having a high volume traffic will mean that you have quality which will ensure your visitors will keep coming.

Making some money with your website is a simple thing that any website owner can do. The most popular method is to sign up for Google Adsense. But if you are a webmaster like me, you’ll realize that Google has some strict rules when it comes to using their services. But there is hope because there are other several alternatives to Adsense which also perform fairly well, if not better than Adsense.

The How

Today I’ll be showing you three ways you can monetize your website easily. That is not to say there are no other options out there. There are several options which we’ll discuss more in a later post. But for now let’s highlight these 3 methods I recommend.

RECOMMENDED READ: How To Get a Verified PayPal Account

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads, in my opinion is the best Ads Network after Adsense. Mostly Adsense will require you to have a high volume traffic before you are accepted into the service (other factors come in play though). But with Propeller Ads, you are not limited to the number of traffic your site generates. You can apply even if you do not have a website, and that really comes in handy for non-website owners.

How it works

  1. Simply sign up for an account with them at
  2. Verify your email
  3. Login to your account
  4. Add your website and verify that it is yours
  5. Get your code and place on your website. Done.

They also provide a FAQs section where you can search and ask for questions if you have any. Integrating your code into your website is easy as well. If you have any question regarding how it works, let us hear it in the comments below and we’ll be glad to help.

This service is also a simple one to use. Even if you don’t have a website yet, you can join this service. All you do is shorten URLs, share them on your social media and earn some cash for it. It’s really that simple. They also provide other methods you can use for various platforms as well: Twitter, Blogspot, WordPress and others.

How it works

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Verify your email
  3. Login to your account and start shortening URLs
  4. Share your new short links on social media or other sites

They have tools to help you with sharing your links. If you have any question regarding this service, feel free to drop us a comment below.

Affiliate Programs

You have probably heard of affiliate marketing before. If not, it’s simply a way of earning income by helping companies promote their products and service. In return, they pay you a commission each income they make. Your only job was to share their products with others. Sounds awesome huh? And it is.

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs out there. The list is endless. Choosing the right market to promote their services is really essential. But once you decide on what you want to promote, then the next step is to actually start the promotion the products or services. Below are top 5 affiliate programs you can join today:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. ShareaSale
  4. eBay
  5. RevenueWire

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